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Farmers Branch, Texas

There's always plenty to do in Farmers Branch, TX, and if you live in the area or want to buy Farmers Branch rental properties, then you'll be happy to learn more about it. The Rose Gardens of Farmers Branch is a beautiful park with benches and a wide variety of roses that attract butterflies. Residents can also enjoy nature at Mallon Park, which features a stream in the middle. People who are looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon will also enjoy Escape This, which has games that challenge participants to solve problems to escape the room. And if you like local theater, you should see a showing at The Firehouse Theater. It seats about 180 patrons and shows plays and musicals performed by local talent. Afterward, you can visit 3 Nations Brewing, which features many kinds of beers, such as IPAs, a German pale ale, stouts, an Oktoberfest, and many others.

If You Want to Own Farmers Branch Rental Properties

If you've been considering investing in Farmers Branch rental properties, you'll be happy to know about all of the attractions that make Farmers Branch such a beautiful place to live. People who already live in Farmers Branch might not know how they can get into owning rental properties. If you own your own home, you can buy other properties and rent them out to families, couples, single people, and friends looking to go in together on their first place. Another option is to purchase a better house for yourself and rent out your current place. For instance, if you started making more money at your job, you might decide that you want a more upscale house.

People living outside of the Farmers Branch area might also recognize it as a great place to own rental properties but not know how they would be a resource to their tenants while living out of town. If you're in this situation, you can contact a Farmers Branch property management company to take care of rental payments, maintenance, and other responsibilities.

If You're Looking for a Farmers Branch Property Management Company, Consider Brickyard Property Management

Finding the right property management company is essential to your peace of mind whether you're living in town or away from the area. Brickyard Property Management has plenty of experience with the local market, and we also have property managers will the experience necessary to ensure that your property and tenants receive the attention that they need. We even have flexible management packages so that no matter your circumstances, you get exactly the amount of help that you need.


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Discover Our Services

Discover Our Services

Property Marketing

Don't let a vacant home cause you to lose thousands in unearned revenue. We use powerful marketing tools to get your rental the attention it deserves.

Tenant Screening

Our team carefully reviews every application we receive. We only select highly qualified tenants who pass our financial & background checks.

Rent Collection

It's easy to keep your earnings coming in on time with the Brickyard team on your side. We handle all invoicing & fund collection on your behalf.


Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your rental home healthy. Our team coordinates repairs and ensures tenants stay satisfied.

Property Inspections

Do you often worry about what's taking place inside your property? Let it go! We schedule regular inspections to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Financial Reporting

Our digital account system makes it easy to review your performance online. Simply log into your account to view statements and property notes from our team.


Careful tenant screening allows us to avoid most eviction situations, but if your renter ever goes rogue, we'll help you navigate the eviction process.

Legal Guidance

You can't afford to overlook the numerous housing ordinances and fair housing guidelines that impact your bottom line. Let us keep you playing by the rules.

Why Choose Brickyard Property Management?

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01. We're Always Ready to Take Your Call

When you have questions or concerns, you shouldn't feel like your property manager is a million miles away. We strive to stay easily accessible and respond to phone calls and emails quickly, providing unbeatable peace of mind.

02. Stay Connected with Us Digitally

Hey, we get it—you don't want to jump through hoops to connect with us. We make it easy with our digital account system, which provides instant access to your statements, account notes, and more.

03. Our Team Provides Sensational Customer Service

Tired of dealing with grumpy property managers who treat you like a burden? At Brickyard Property Management, we promise to prioritize you and do everything in our power to keep your home performing optimally.

04. Our Integrity Isn't For Sale

You don't want to work with a property manager who tries to nickel and dime you or pulls the wool over your eyes. Our team is committed to transparency and honesty and we work diligently to get you great results.

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Dallas-Fort Worth has one of the most dynamic property markets in the nation, with thousands of new residents driving housing demand each year. Owning a local property can be a lucrative investment, but you need to take the right approach to management or you could find yourself bleeding money each month. Working with a professional management team is the simple way to get the most out of your real estate holdings.

At Brickyard Property Management, we offer full-service management for property owners in Richardson, Plano, Garland and more. Our flexible management packages are designed to help you achieve your performance benchmarks. Whether you own one property and need some help from the experts or you're juggling a large portfolio of rental units, we have the expertise and resources you need to succeed.

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